Open Meetings


The consortium holds open meetings every week on  Wednesday at 11 am  Central Time,  at this zoom link.


Date Speaker Title
2/16/2022 Sarita Adve and Muhammad Huzaifa (Illinois) Intro to ILLIXR and the consortium (additional info & resources)
2/23/2022 Anthony Rowe (CMU) Intro to ARENA (distributed XR), integrating w/ILLIXR (additional info & resources)
No regular meeting. Attend ANARI webinar instead if interested at noon CT (register here.)
Mihai Bujanca (Manchester)
SLAMBench: a performance, accuracy, and robustness evaluation framework for SLAM systems (additional info & resources)
No Meeting (Spring Break)
Anjul Patney (NVIDIA)
rescheduled to 4/13/22
Javier Perez-ramirez (Intel) An Introduction to Wireless Time Sensitive Networking  (additional info & resources)
4/06/2022 Dima Nikiforov and Chris Dong (Berkeley) A Co-Simulation Platform Enabling System-Level Pre-Silicon Evaluation of Robotics SoCs (We will explore using these ideas for architectural simulation of ILLIXR.) (additional info & resources)
Anjul Patney (NVIDIA) Image Quality Assessment for Mixed-Reality Displays (additional  info & resources)
Bryan Chris Brown (CombineReality)
Designing an optimal sensor configuration for hand tracking & SLAM (additional info & resources)
5/18/2022 Group discussion Recent feature additions to ILLIXR
TBD Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GeoPose Standard Working Group members About OGC GeoPose and Next steps for ILLIXR Implementations (additional info & resources)

Please contact us if you would like to present at a meeting.  Appropriate presentation topics include, but are not limited to, XR related research, experiences with and updates on ILLIXR, other XR related infrastructure, case for a new working group, and update from a working group.