Executive Committee

The  executive committee's responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of overall direction of the project
  • Approving working groups and their chairs
  • Executive committee membership
  • Approving working group recommendations and outcomes
  • Setting project policies, including governance and membership agreements
  • Outreach for the project

The philosophy is to make consensus-driven decisions as far as possible, lacking which a majority vote will prevail. Each organization on the executive committee gets one vote.

Current members of the executive committee

  • Sarita Adve, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chair
  • Muhammad Huzaifa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Vice-Chair
  • Ameen Akel, Micron
  • Sean Eilert, Micron
  • Art Goldberg, Arm
  • Rod Hooker, Facebook
  • Matt Horsnell, Arm
  • Vasileios Laganakos, Arm
  • David Luebke, Nvidia
  • Maurizio Paganini, Facebook

Working group chairs are also members of the executive committee.

Working groups

The bulk of the work of the consortium happens in working groups.

  • Any representative of a consortium member organization may attend working group meetings. 
  • Consortium members have voting privileges in the working groups (one vote per organization).
  • Only consortium member representatives may chair a working group.
  • Participants from non-member organizations are welcome to join a working group, subject to (lightweight) approval (and without voting or chair privileges).