Keynote at ISCA 2022

6/28/2022 11:50:37 PM

Sarita Adve  gave a keynote "Enabling  the Immersive Era of Computing" at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) 2022. Slides are available here.

Computing is on the brink of a new immersive era. Recent innovations in virtual/augmented/mixed reality, collectively referred to as extended reality or XR, show the potential for a new immersive modality of computing that will transform most human activities and change how we design, program, and use computers. There is, however, an orders of magnitude gap between the power/performance/quality-of-experience (QoE) attributes of current and desirable immersive systems. Bridging this gap requires an ambitious systems research agenda that is application-driven, end-to-end QoE driven, and based on hardware-software-application co-design. To enable this agenda, my group has built ILLIXR (Illinois eXtended Reality testbed) –- the first open source XR system and testbed for end-to-end immersive systems research. I will describe ILLIXR, the research it is enabling, and the vast research that remains. I will also discuss the industry supported ILLIXR consortium, where our goal is to democratize XR systems research, development, and benchmarking.